Review Dermalogica body hydrating cream

Last Christmas I had an 8 day giveaway. So on 1 of those days we gave away the delicious Dermalogica cream. Saskia was so enthusiastic that she offered to write a review. Very nice and sweet of her!!Dermalogica body cream 2_retouched

Dermalogica body moisturizing cream

Just before Christmas, I was delighted to hear that I had won the Dermalogica body hydrating cream during #8daysofblogmas.
So far I had positive experiences with Dermalogica facial care, so I was very curious about this body cream.

A week later I got the body cream delivered to my home. As to be expected from a high end brand like Dermalogica, the opening of the tube was neatly sealed.

First impression

The first thing I noticed when opening the tube was the smell of the cream: quite a strong scent with citrus predominating.
Also striking is the large amount of ingredients. It contains calming substances such as chamomile, lavender and green tea.

In addition, the body cream contains ingredients that help maintain the correct moisture balance of your skin, including extracts of sandalwood, patchouli, orange and sage. To soften dry skin, a combination of lactic acid with hydroxy acids has also been added.

I decided to test the cream for at least a week. To compare the result with the Neutral body lotion that I normally use, I decided to rub my left leg with the usual lotion and my right leg with the Dermalogica body cream.

Dermalogica vs Neutral

What I immediately liked about this body cream is the texture: the cream is light and absorbs quickly. You also only need a little of it, because it spreads very easily. After applying it gives a refreshing and slightly tingling sensation on my skin, which reminded me of firming body lotions I’ve tried.

However, this body cream is not directly intended to be firming, but mainly to hydrate. And it sure does hydrate! After using the body cream daily for a week, I noticed that the skin of my right leg felt softer than that of my left leg.

For me a reason to conclude that the Dermalogica cream
apparently does something more for my skin than the Neutral body lotion.
I had to get used to the strong smell, but after a few days I even started to find it pleasant.

My verdict on this product is that it is a great cream that gives your skin that little bit extra to make it feel softer and more supple than a body lotion or cream without these ingredients. And although it is a relatively small tube, the body cream is economical in use and will last you a long time. In my opinion a must!Dermalogica body cream 1_retouched

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