Misery Bear; How much misery can a bear have?

Here at Pink Press we absolutely LOVE the Misery Bear! Its miserable life, and the hilarious way of dealing with that and current news events keeps you watching every episode! Long before I ever hear of Ted, there was the Misery Bear. Be warned.. this is NOT FOR KIDS!!! Check out the episode for Comic Relief with Kate Moss, its a classic!!

Misery Bear; could you please give us a bit of background info? Where are you from?

Hello, Pink Press. I am a teddy bear from London, England. I was found in a junk shop by a couple of nasty men who thought it would be funny to make short films of horrible things happening to me, and they sold those films to the BBC. On top of that, they made me write a book, but I don’t get any of the royalties. So as you can see, I have a very miserable life.

When did you start making films?

It was about three years ago. I’ve made fifteen of them now, including special ones for the charities Comic Relief and Amnesty International. What I’d really like to be is a movie star like Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt, but you don’t get treated very well when your films are just two minutes long and only on the internet. I have to do a day job in an office to get by, as the films I make don’t bring in a lot of money. Life sucks.
Where do you get your inspiration from on the subjects?

Well, the one good thing about having a life as terrible as mine is it gives lots of inspiration for my films or books. For instance, the other day I met a lady bear at a bus stop and tried to ask for her phone number, in case she wanted to go and get a coffee with me some time. But I tripped up on the pavement, fell forward and accidentally bonked my nose on her knee. She thought I was attacking her, so she hit me over the head with her shopping bag, and stamped on my paw. Then she got on her bus and pulled a face at me. Needless to say, I went home alone, although I did buy myself a big bottle of vodka to take the pain away. I’m sure this little episode will end up in one of my films one day.

Some videos are quite political, are there subjects you wouldn’t touch?

Well, I’ve been tortured in one film to highlight how nasty it is (for Amnesty International) and my films for Comic Relief and Sport Relief were to encourage people to do fundraising for those charities (plus I got to meet supermodel Kate Moss, singer Lionel Richie and Olympic athlete Mo Farah, so they were pretty good fun, even for me). I don’t like to boast about my charity work, but if there’s a good cause, I’ll always hop on. I wouldn’t do anything for dogs though. I hate dogs.

Where would you like to make a video about?

I would like to make videos about Hawaii, Amsterdam, The Seychelles, Tokyo, Alaska and Ibiza next, please. Oh, and Barcelona. I’ve never been there.

What are your future projects?

Well, my book is being translated into German and French at the moment, so I’ll be popping back and forth to make sure they get that right. I’m making another film for the BBC website too, about my Saturday Night Out, which should be pretty disastrous. And I’m hoping to go on a date with the lady from The Hunger Games, because she’s very pretty.


What was your favorite episode?

I like The Teddynator and Dawn of the Ted, because I finally get to kick some ass!

Official MiseryBear website!!

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  1. Had nog nooit van Misery Bear gehoord, maar per heden ben ik een groot fan!

    Leuk, deze tip. Thanx!

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